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Fitness Center

fitness area

The Fitness Center of the Student Activity & Academic Center is located on the first floor of the facility and features six Woodway treadmills, four arc trainers, two AMTs, two ellipticals, one upright bike, two recumbent bikes, 16 pieces of Cybex strength and conditioning training equipment, and free weights ranging from 3 to 80 pounds. Located beneath the stairs you will find stability balls and a stretching area. The Fitness Center also has a cardio theater with 6 large screen televisions.

overlook area

In addition to our first floor Fitness Center we have the Overlook, located on the second floor right above the stairs. The Overlook features an elliptical, two upright bikes, free weights ranging from 3 to 15 pounds and a stretching area.

View the Fitness Center Policies & Procedures here.