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Tennis Center

SAAC Tennis Courts

The Student Activity & Academic Center boasts one of the finest tennis centers in the Atlanta metro area. The tennis center is comprised of six hard courts (Plexipave) and two soft courts (HAR-TRU Hyrdocourt System).

The Plexipave courts provide an all-weather, durable, quick drying surface that provides resistance to deterioration from ultra-violet rays. It is constructed with an acrylic latex surface formulated over concrete and asphalt.

The HAR-TRU Hydrocourt System is a unique subsurface irrigation system with a built in controlled water reservoir that disperses water evenly throughout the clay surface. The clay courts are closed from last day of Fall Semester classes through spring break for the winter freeze/thaw cycle. During Emory's Spring Break the courts are reconditioned with four tons of topcoat as well as new lines and nails.